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Client overview

SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited is a pioneering fully indigenous project management company that was founded in October 2008. They specialize in providing tailored project management skills to address the unique needs of clients in the real estate industry. SAVANT is committed to optimizing the value derived from financial commitments to project undertakings while ensuring adherence to agreed project tenets of standards, time, and overall quality.


SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited approached DigitWarehouse Technologies with the goal of building a new website that would effectively showcase their expertise, services, and brand image. In addition, they sought to integrate a client management portal into the website, allowing seamless communication and collaboration between SAVANT and their clients.


DigitWarehouse Technologies worked closely with SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited to develop a comprehensive solution encompassing the following key elements:

Website Development:

  1. Customized Design: Understanding the importance of presenting SAVANT’s unique services, our team created a visually appealing and professional website design. The layout, color scheme, and typography were carefully selected to align with SAVANT’s brand identity and enhance user experience.

  2. Information Architecture: To ensure that visitors could easily find relevant information, we implemented a clear and intuitive navigation structure. This enabled users to navigate through various sections of the website seamlessly and locate details about SAVANT’s project management services.

  3. Showcase of Expertise: We highlighted SAVANT’s track record, experience, and expertise through compelling content, case studies, and testimonials. This effectively communicated their value proposition to potential clients and showcased their ability to deliver successful projects.

Client Management Portal Integration:

  1. Tailored Portal Development: DigitWarehouse Technologies developed a custom client management portal specifically designed to meet SAVANT’s requirements. The portal provided a secure platform for SAVANT and their clients to communicate, collaborate, and access project-related information.

  2. Document Sharing and Tracking: The portal included features for document sharing, allowing seamless exchange of project documents, progress reports, and other relevant files between SAVANT and their clients. It also facilitated real-time tracking and version control, ensuring that all stakeholders had access to the latest project updates.

  3. Communication and Notifications: The portal included communication tools such as messaging systems and notifications, enabling efficient and timely communication between SAVANT and its clients. This streamlined the project management process, improving transparency and client satisfaction.

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Project results

The collaboration between DigitWarehouse Technologies and SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited yielded significant results, transforming their online presence and streamlining client management:

  1. Professional Online Presence: The new website effectively showcased SAVANT’s expertise, services, and brand image, positioning them as a trusted and professional project management company in the real estate industry.

  2. Enhanced Client Collaboration: The integrated client management portal facilitated seamless communication, document sharing, and project tracking between SAVANT and their clients. This improved transparency, efficiency, and overall project management experience for all stakeholders.

  3. Strengthened Brand Image: Through a visually appealing website design and tailored client management portal, SAVANT’s brand image was enhanced, demonstrating their commitment to delivering projects that support and enhance clients’ brand standards and overall quality.

  4. Increased Client Satisfaction: The client management portal’s functionalities, including document sharing, real-time tracking, and efficient communication, contributed to higher client satisfaction. It improved the overall project management process, resulting in better outcomes and strengthened client relationships.


DigitWarehouse Technologies successfully delivered a new website for SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited, elevating its online presence and enabling effective client management through a tailored portal.

The collaboration empowered SAVANT to effectively showcase their expertise, optimize project value, and maintain high standards of quality and client satisfaction. The new website and integrated client management portal provided a seamless platform for communication, collaboration, and efficient project management between SAVANT and their clients. SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited continues to excel as a pioneer in the real estate industry, delivering successful projects and upholding their commitment to excellence.

As a result of the successful website development and client management portal integration by DigitWarehouse Technologies, SAVANT Integrated Concepts Limited has gained a competitive edge, enhanced its brand image, and established itself as a trusted partner in the realm of project management. The seamless online experience and efficient client collaboration have solidified SAVANT’s position as a go-to company for tailored project management solutions in the real estate industry. 🙂

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